At Bay of Wonders, we pride ourselves on our extensive educational program. Below is a list of what programs we offer daily.

Bay of Wonders will be implementing the Early Years Learning Framework. However, we will take a different approach to education by teaching the fundamentals of the academic curriculum and teaching children about acceptance, resilience, compassion and showing kindness to themselves and others. In addition, we will be incorporating positive affirmations daily and a mindfulness program to provide the skills and strategies to get through life by being positive in all aspects of life and teaching children that every child is born to shine!

Wonder Tech
(Technology Program)

Our Toddler and Preschool Rooms have an Interactive Whiteboard, which is
incorporated into our daily curriculum for PreLit, Yoga, Educational Activities, learning to form numbers & letters etc.

Wonder Health
(Nutrition Program)

Each room incorporates a nutrition program through mealtimes, cooking experiences, Munch n Move activities and daily discussions about healthy eating. Our daily program consists of at least 1 cooking experience a week, which will be rotated weekly to ensure all children can participate in a cooking experience each week.

Wonder Fit
(Fitness Program)

An external company visits and incorporates different sporting activities each week. We will change the sport every quarter to allow the children to try other sports.

Some activities we provide are Soccer, Rugby League, AFL & Martial Arts.

Wonder Life
(Life Skills Program)

Our preschool program consists of a transition to a school curriculum, which will include the social aspect of educating our children on coping with life in the playground, encouraging children to make positive choices and teaching children to be confident learners, just to name a few. Our curriculum will include a homework program, which will commence at the beginning of the year, and a reading program will be offered for children who need a challenge.

Wonder Wellness
(Mindfulness Program)

This consists of daily yoga sessions and embedding positive affirmations through our sessions. We will teach our children that we are strong, brave and kind and can accomplish anything if we put our minds to it.

Wonder World
(Languages Program)

Every month we will introduce a different language. We will focus on the cultures within our service and invite our families to come and teach our children and teachers simple words and rhymes in their home language. We will embrace the cultures of our community!

Wonder Village
(Community Program)

We invite our community members to participate in our activities through reading, cooking, role-playing etc. We invite our first-line workers to visit and explain the importance of their role to our children.

Wonder Beats
(Music Program)

Music is embedded throughout our daily activities. External music groups join us weekly to provide fantastic music